Morningside Acupuncture Clinic.

 Dr. John Barry Landale. MD(MA).FIAcS.


Curriculum Vitae.
. Pupil of Hong Kong / Chinese Master Wong Yee Saang.
 International Acupuncture Society Hong Kong, Shenzen General Hospital China. Canton #2 Hospital China. Pupil of Chinese Master Lo Chi Kwong. 
. Taiwan studying the methods of World Master Wu Wei Ping.
1985. British Acupuncture Association and Register. 
1987. Doctor of Medicine Degree (Medicina Alternativa) at South Colombo Government HospitalSri Lanka. Under the auspices of The World Health Organisation.
. Founder Member of the Commonwealth Institute of Acupuncture. 
1988. Member of the Société International d'Acupuncture France.
.Founder Member of the British Acupuncture Council.
1975-present, continuous studies of the autonomic , central, and peripheral nervous systems with the purpose of integrating Traditional Chinese Medicine with neurology.
蘭度 約翰 醫生


Internationally renowned Dr. John Barry Landale is arguably the UK's leading scientific neuronyxis specialist. He has been practicing acupuncture since 1969. First studying both traditional and other differing styles of acupuncture in the UK, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka.  The International Acupuncture Society of Hong Kong, The Société International d'Acupuncture of France and Medicina Alternativa of Sri Lanka. He was a founder member of The British Acupuncture Council, until his resignation in November 2001. Remaining a member of The British Acupuncture Society.
In 1975 he experimented  by purposely breaking all the traditional rules of traditional acupuncture and he still got good results. Even missing acupuncture 'points' by inches  gave adequate results, suggesting that the meridians of acupuncture may not exist as a physical entity. Likewise, acupuncture ' points' can not be scientifically demonstrated either, the whole body is an acupuncture point. However, there is no doubt that traditional acupuncture works well, so Dr. Landale decided to fine tune the system. The most effective acupuncture points are over the top of the major nerves. He therefore, began studying the body's neurological pathways, mapping out completely new acupuncture points capable of modulating the way the individual components of the nervous system function.
Ignoring most of the traditional points and developing others that were over nerve divisions, bifurcations and beneath retinaculum, he found the effects of acupuncture were greatly enhanced. He has since developed a revolutionary new system of acupuncture that gives consistently better results and ensures the patient of the fastest possible recovery. His in depth study of neurology ever since 1975 has led to his ability to place needles close to nerve roots and divisions with spectacular success. His knowledge of the autonomic nervous system allows him to manipulate many conditions that were previously intractable to traditional acupuncture. This new approach completely changes the patients outlook on many normally intractable conditions. In order to achieve this vast improvement he uses his knowledge of jealously guarded acupuncture points passed on to him by old Masters of acupuncture from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Sri Lanka in combination with the most powerful loci of the nervous systems.
As well as pioneering Neuro Acupuncture he has developed a totally new approach to the problem of stopping smoking and weight loss. The traditional method of acupuncture gives a very poor success rate. He spent three years working out why it sometimes worked, and then, using Neuro acupuncture techniques upgraded the method to achieve unequalled results. In fact in clinical trials, there is no higher success rate. His now famous method which he began to develop in 1975 took three years to perfect but now attracts people from around the world.